Creating the first AI powered

Companion App for the game

League Of Legends

Building an AI driven Companion App for League of Legends

DOJO MADNESS (now Bayes) is a technology-driven company founded by several eSports and gaming veterans including Jens Hilgers, founder and chairman of Turtle Entertainment/ESL. Harnessing the latest innovations in machine learning, we created a set of sophisticated tools that help gamers master their play.

As the inaugural Senior Product Designer I collaborated with Founders and shaped the design and strategy for the AI Gaming Assistant LOLSUMO.

Creating a one button solution for a complex game

League of Legends was one of the biggest games in this space, with over 140 playable characters, exclusive abilities, and more than 170 available items. Our challenge was to give players personalized recommendations and information while playing the game, with just a tap of a button.

As the inaugural designer at Dojo Madness, I worked closely with founders and data scientists to develop the UI and UX for the first and most important feature: The Live Guide.

This required a collaborative effort with data scientists and engineers to analyze large data sets and develop effective algorithms for real-time recommendations and an extensive amount of testing.

During our iOS beta phase we used the feedback of approximately 100 testers of varying skill levels to refine the guides. We played the game, communicated with users, and shared information within our team of engineers and data scientists in order to improve the guides iteratively.


The new kid on the block

With asuccessful beta test and great user feedback we decided to launch our first version of LOLSUMO to iOS and Android simultaneously.

With other competitive products already on the market it was crucial to find effective ways to promote and explain our offering to our core audience. This required us to create engaging promotional videos, collaborate with influencers and engage with the games' community.

Our efforts paid off with the app quickly garnering success, with over 500,000 downloads and more than 70,000 daily active users in the first six months, as well as positive press coverage.

We received an overwhelming amount of feedback, feature requests, and ideas from our user base, prompting us to build a Subreddit as our primary interaction point with the community.

Hiring another designer from my previous company allowed us to divide the workload and maintain our rapid pace.

From 8 million downloads to leading a new product to success

Our small, collaborative team of experts worked iteratively to add additional features to the app, ultimately leading to more than 8 million downloads. However, the most significant milestone was developing monetization features to generate 5-digit monthly recurring revenue.

This was no easy feat since, at the time, most apps were paid downloads and subscription models were rare.

This achievement was a significant milestone in my career and leading me to a new venture forming a team to create the #1 Companion App for Overwatch - OVERSUMO.